Winged Shadow Systems
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Winged Shadow products are no longer available.
Winged Shadow Systems discontinued production and closed at the end of 2013. All remaining inventory was sold long ago. However, if you already own one of our products and are looking for an instruction sheet, you've come to the right place.  Click on any link below.

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Winged Shadow Systems
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Sky Limit Altitude Limiter

Thermal Scout Soaring Aid
How High Altitmeter

How Fast Airspeed Instrument

Battery Board

See How Display (for How High and How Fast)

R/C Reporter System Monitor

Program / Data Files (for the R/C Reporter)

The following files are stored in compressed ZIP format. Save them to your computer and then extract them using WinZip, PKZip, or similar program.
  • - Complete Windows program for the R/C Reporter and Computer Interface. See the Computer Interface Instruction Sheet (above) for system requirements and installation details. (Version 3.0, 3/08, 2.5MB)
  • - A collection of over a dozen example melody files in RTTTL format. (3/08, 5KB)